The Anastasia Day Thread Can Be Found at Burger King

Anastasia opened on this day 25 years ago. The movie was notable at the time for being an extremely rare hit animated movie that didn’t come from Walt Disney Pictures (this was a world before Shrek), and got director Don Bluth some of the best reviews of his entire career. It’s a great film and one of ScratStitch’s favorites, and fortunately, Fox gave it a massive marketing campaign, which included a huge Burger King promotion.

The fast food chain ran several commercials for it, all of which were pretty elaborate, including this one for a set of toys that were included with the purchase of Kid’s Club Meals (remember those?). I only ever had two of these, unfortunately (and add to share the soft Bartok with my brother–I think it’s still hanging in our room!), but was able to nab the full collection on eBay in mint condition. Pretty sweet. Anyway, in this ad, a kid in a movie theater gets Rasputin’s reliquary–something he has literally sold his soul to “the dark forces” for–and uses it to find Anastasia, because I guess he wants to kill her? Or maybe he just wants her autograph. Either way, he ends up at Burger King.

But that wasn’t all. Burger King also had “stocking stuffer” toys which could be gotten for a cheap price with a Value Meal (though I’m pretty sure you didn’t need to actually get food to be able to buy the toys). I had all of these except for the talking Bartok one (which, yeah, I’ll probably get on eBay someday too), including the Anastasia doll which had hair which really got messy extremely easily. Anyway, in this commercial, Bartok is watching the movie and rooting for Rasputin to murder Anastasia while a guy who may or may not be Wayne Knight shushes him.

Have a great day, Avocados! And remember not to blame the bat, even though they’re easy targets.