Blood Rage Night Thread (11/15)

Potpourri Month continues here at The Avocado with the 1987 slasher/horror movie Blood Rage.

Holidays are well represented in the horror genre. Blood Rage might be the only one that takes place at Thanksgiving.

The synopsis for the film – “A boy kills a man and accuses his twin brother of the murder, and the innocent brother ends up institutionalized, while his psychotic twin goes free.”

My friend Mallory told me about this film a few years ago and now I try to watch it every November. As of this writing, its currently available to stream on Tubi. Tubi is one of the best streaming services for horror movies and other films but not a lot of people like it because there are ad breaks.

Something to Discuss – Are you a fan of cranberry sauce? If you know the reference from the film, you get extra bonus points!