The CU4TRO Day Thread

The CU4TRO Day Thread (November 11, 2022)

Announced on the 21st of October and out today is CU4TRO, a remix album of Run The Jewels 4 through the prism of Latin America. In the words of EL-P:

We are honored and delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the amazing producers, vocalists, musicians and artists who made this album happen. we set out to make a remix album, but we consider the end result of RTJ CU4TRO to be more than that. it’s a reimagining of RTJ4 through the lens of collaboration and a fusing of numerous musical cultures and influences… a rare chance for us to connect, create and be inspired by/ with people who we may never have had the chance to get down with if we weren’t lucky enough to be in a position to put it all together. we thank them for all their generosity, energy and creativity. this is a piece of music filled with love, respect and craft and everyone truly gave it their all, genuinely humbling us in the process. Gracias.

Sounds pretty damn good to me!

Have a great day and cuídense todos!