Comic Book Review – Green Lantern #6 (September 2021)

Green Lantern #6 (September 2021)

Writer– Geoffrey Thorne

Artists – Tom Raney and Marco Santucci

Walmart started selling packs of DC and Marvel Comics for eight or nine bucks a few years ago. Since I was young, I have always loved grabbing mystery packs of comics to see what issues I would get. Recently, for some reason, Walmart has stopped stocking them. I decided to buy the rest of the remaining stock each time I go to Walmart and send the books to friends and family for Christmas. One of the books I got was Green Lantern #6.

The Central Power Battery on Oa has been destroyed. Green Lantern rings have lost power and with it, the means to patrol space and keep sectors safe. A young girl named Keli has absconded with Krona’s Power Gauntlet to attack New Korugar, home of the Sinestro Corps, to exact revenge for this dastardly deed. Lanterns Jo Mullein and Simon Baz are on a rescue mission to save Keli before she ignites a war with the Yellow Lanterns. Speaking of rescue missions, Lanterns Hannu and Kilowog need help being saved from a group called The Golden Centurions. John Stewart joins a group of young Lanterns to save them before its too late.

I am a life-long Green Lantern fan and I started really getting into collecting the series when Kyle Rayner became the newest and only Green Lantern in the late ‘90s. I added Green Lantern to my pull list once I moved to Pittsburgh. For some reason, my comic shop never added THE Green Lantern to my list or the recent Green Lantern series spinning out of Infinite Frontier. It took me awhile to get my bearings with this issue but once I did, I really enjoyed it. I remember seeing Krona’s Power Gauntlet used once before when “Renegade” Hal Jordan used it and its great to see it back in play with a brand-new character using it. I always appreciate writers paying homage to past events and storylines, while crafting something new.

Lifelong Lantern fans didn’t really like this run of GL. Some didn’t like the fact that their favorite Lanterns weren’t included in this run. Another thing that might have put a lot of people off with this series was the $4.99 price tag but you get a lot of action and thrills for a forty-page comic. You get two story threads for the price of one and I enjoy the different parts of space brought to life thanks to Raney and Santucci. They do a great job showcasing the alien lifeforms that populate the expanse of the DC Universe. Reading this comic makes me want to catch up on what I missed beforehand especially Far Sector and the debut of Jo Mullein.

Sadly, at the time of this writing, the last issue of this volume of Green Lantern was released in April 2022. I find it odd that a character that has been around for over 80 years doesn’t have an ongoing comic series. As much as I love Batman, they need to start utilizing the pantheon of heroes and villains in DC Comics’ stable. There was a recent DCAU movie featuring GL John Stewart. There could have been some synergy with the animated movie and a new volume of GL hitting stores at the same time. There have been talks of the HBO MAX Green Lantern TV series but its still in limbo. A new GL series could be set for release as a run up to the show’s debut. So many opportunities…come on DC …. GET IT TOGETHER!

If you have read my review this far – I have two questions for you. Who is your favorite Green Lantern?  Does your local Walmart still sell those DC and Marvel Comic Packs I mentioned above?