Best Female+ Voice in Music Tournament: Round 3!

Round 2 is behind us, and I can finally make a post with fewer than 32 rounds in it.

Here’s what happened in Round 2:

The biggest upset, in terms of a lower-ranked seed beating a higher one, was Björk (53) unseating Florence Welch, whose machine was not enough for the 12th seed.

The biggest upset, in terms of how disappointed I am in all you, was when Debbie Harry beat Janis Joplin. SIGH.

The biggest drubbing was directed at Regina Spektor, who was powerless against the First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald, who won their contest, 67 to 6.

As for the closest rounds, well… you fine people left me with two ties to break, and I had no one to rely on but myself and Mr. Beam. Grace Slick was against Shirley Bassey at 34 votes apiece, and that was hard enough, but I didn’t need too long to go with the Acid Queen. Sorry Shirley.

But the other one? To Hell with this: at 38 apiece were Linda Ronstadt and Sinead O’Connor. This was rough. I couldn’t decide after listening to both twice. Finally I went to bed, and when I got to my computer today, I threw on two tracks of theirs I wasn’t familiar with, just to listen fresh as it were. So I chose Sinead, and I think I made the right choice.

This round will go until Tuesday, November 8th, at 3PM EST (Yup, we’re falling back tonight).