30 Day Batman/Spider-Man Challenge Day 4: The Raimi Spider-Man Films

The month of November is one where we’re going to change things up a bit as we’re going to be talking about the worlds of Batman and Spider-Man throughout it. It’ll run the gamut of different mediums with the prompts worked up by Mr. Ixolite and myself to take us through some of the biggest media properties in the world.

Today, we’re going to get things underway with the movie side of Spider-Man, of which there have been a few! What we want to focus on in this round are the movies of Sam Raimi which featured Tobey Maguire. What worked for you with these projects and what didn’t? How did you feel about Maguires return in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Would you be game for a fourth feature?

Bonus question: What was the one thing in these interpretations that annoyed you the most as a comic fan?