The Weekly Wrestling Thread

The Monday Wrestling Thread for October 31, 2022


According to reports the investigation into Brawl Out has been completed. Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and Matt and Nick Jackson were all apparently backstage at both Dynamite and Rampage last week. It seems we have seen the last of CM Punk in the wrestling ring. Who knows how many years (with NDAs and everything) it will take before everyone’s sides to come out. However, whatever you think about Punk and the others personally, the indications that a lot of the top performers in the company, it’s claimed, have said they won’t work with him again, has to tell you his fellow professionals feel.

Punk’s comeback lasted a year; was it worth it to you? Should he have stayed retired, or do the highlights outshine the manner in which his run ended?


Sami Zayn made the Bloodline break, Emma returned (Yay! She’s one of my favourite wrestlers), and Bray does promos with QR codes:

Bray Wyatt


Big huge match announced for Pro Wrestling Noah!

Muta vs Nakamura