The Ponyhenge Day Thread

The exact origins  are a mystery to all, lost in time, stories told in reverent whispers by locals, but around 2010 in Lincoln Massachusetts; an old rocking horse was left abandoned in a small pasture next to a farm along Old Sudbury Rd..  A few more rocking horses began to show up not long after, and so was born: Ponyhenge!

Ponyhenge continues to grow as, now up to 30, more rocking horses, plastic ponies, hobby horses, and other equine figurines anonymously join the herd. Their arrangement changes periodically as if by magic. Sometimes they’ll be in a clockwise circle, a counterclockwise circle, a circle facing inwards, in a racing formation, a parade line, seemingly random as though they were grazing, or even toppled over perhaps from the after effects of drunken revelry the night before. One thing is for certain; the herd never seems to shrink. No one dares remove a horse and tamper with the magic of Ponyhenge!

I was just there early this week. Check more of my pictures  here 

Have fun posting