Werewolf 194: Over the Garden Wolves – Chapter 3

From flesh removed our chalk footfall

Tempers this holy ground

Where timeless spirits meet

round the heart of Pottsfield town

Night fell once again, and the indecisiveness of the poor souls left to fend for themselves had come to a head the previous day, where they could not decide who among them could be the one hunting them down.

The raiser of hell was displeased with this outcome and decided to venture out to see if any of these souls had something to do with the strange and terrible goings on that had taken the dead that came before him.

At a certain point, though, he thought that it was an exercise in futility. Even if he found something of use, it wouldn’t necessarily help him or his family’s curse, and so he sighed a deep sigh of resignation and decided to sleep.

As he dozed off, the pins in his head fell off, one by one, to be replaced with branches brimming with leaves of many colours. He would never find what he needed to save his family.

Ralph/Pinhead has perished. He was Beatrice (town motion detector).

Meanwhile, Cornelius Fillmore was doing his nightly patrol, ever vigilant, when he heard a noise.

“Heh, justice never sleeps, and neither do you, huh?” he said.

Then he saw the glint of an axe and started to panic.

“Whoa, hey, man, you don’t gotta do this…I got an in with a guy, we can work something out.”

Then the one holding the axe spoke in a gruff voice. “I know you serve him. I thought you were a good kid, that you could have seen through his deception, but you let him take your hope, didn’t you?”

The axe swung before Cornelius could respond.

As the blade hit his side, he let out a cough, but there was no blood to be found in his wound or his mouth.

Instead, black oil dripped from the openings, as Cornelius heaved out his last breaths, trying to call for his master, but unable to speak loud enough as eternal darkness shrouded him for the last time.

Sic humor/Cornelius Fillmore has perished. He was a Servant of the Beast (wolf).

What the remaining lost souls would make of these developments, only time would tell. The question was: how much time did they have left?


11 Town

Lost Souls of the Unknown (vanilla town) – have no power except their vote and their hope. Will win when the Beast and his servants are defeated and the Woodsman’s win condition does not interfere.

Wirt (song vendor) – makes a mixtape on cassette and gives said cassette to someone each night.

Greg (doctor) – Can protect someone using his Candy Camouflage, which keeps them from being killed or from being turned into an edelwood tree (note: if Greg’s target was selected by the Beast the previous night, Greg cannot stop the result of RNG). Can target themselves but cannot target the same person on two consecutive nights.

Beatrice (motion detector) – Can see if someone was involved in a night action (will not be told whether that person performed the night action or was the one the night action was performed on, nor will they be told how many night actions they were involved with).

2 Wolves

The Beast – Turns lost souls into edelwood trees (see below). The Beast is invulnerable to all night actions for the first night. He cannot carry out the wolf kill at any point during the game.

Servants of the Beast – Follow the Beast’s commands, and carry out the night kill. They cannot turn anyone into an edelwood tree at any point during the game.

Edelwood turning: On day 1, the wolves will select a lost soul to be turned into an edelwood tree. The following night, that soul will either become a servant of the Beast (be recruited by the wolves) or die, which will be determined by RNG. All town players (including roled town players) are eligible for recruitment and will not be informed of being turned until they are recruited or dead (if the Woodsman is picked, nothing will happen). Starting night 1, the wolves will choose to either turn someone into an edelwood tree (the effects of which will be determined the following night) or kill someone–they cannot do both on the same night.

1 Independent

Woodsman (SK) – Lives to chop down the edelwood trees, and to defeat the Beast. The Woodsman will win and leave the game if they kill the Beast–if the Beast is the last wolf left and the Woodsman kills him, the Woodsman will win alone. If the Beast is daykilled, the Woodsman will win when they are the last one standing.


  1. Josephus Lost Soul of the Unknown (vanilla town)
  2. Sic Servant of the Beast (wolf)
  3. Abby
  4. Owen Lost Soul of the Unknown (vanilla town)
  5. Lamb
  6. Mac
  7. Cork
  8. Goat Lost Soul of the Unknown (vanilla town)
  9. Nate
  10. Lindsay
  11. Gramps
  12. Queequeg
  13. Cop
  14. Ralph Beatrice (town motion detector)
  15. Emm
  16. Marlowe
  17. Pablo Pizazzo
  18. Kate the Great
  19. Grumproro


  1. Narrow
  2. Raven


Order of night actions: Doctor, song vendor, edelwood turning, motion detecting, kills

Ties will result in no kill.

Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or quote directly from private chats without permission from the mod. Failure to comply may result in a mod-kill.

Please be respectful towards everyone. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we’re all here to have a good time.


Twilight will be on Thursday, October 20 at 4 PM MDT.