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Favorite Horror Movie / TV Score Sweet 16

The Results are in, and most were the Blow Outs (not nominated) we expected. Halloween and Psycho both decimated The Wicker Man and Ravenous 32 – 4. Alien scared away Sleepy Hollow 24 – 6. One of my personal favorite scores, Cape Fear, was no match to one of the most famous famous scores: Jaws, losing 30 – 7.

But there were a few close ones. The Shining and The Omen were neck and neck for the past few days, Redrum was able to scare away Damien. Meanwhile, Candyman sucked just a bit more blood than Bram Stoker’s Dracula 15 – 13.

The closest race went to the underdog. The Fog spooked It Follows 14 – 13. The other underdog won more easily : The Nightmare Before Christmas woke up faster than A Nightmare on Elm Street 19 – 12.

So now we move on. Who will continue to reign terror over the others? Is Halloween hot because of the new movie? Which X will beat the other X? Let’s find out!