The October 14th Night Thread is as dead as Disco

One of the flat-out best games I’ve ever played is 2019’s Disco Elysium. There’s never been anything like this leftist/dystopia/sci-fi detective RPG and there probably never will again and I urge everyone who can play it to do so. On October 1st, one of the founding members of the ZA/UM collective that developed the game, Martin Luiga, posted the following message

I, Martin Luiga, a founding member and Secretary of the ZA/UM cultural association, as well as the assembler of most of the core team, am hereby dissolving the ZA/UM cultural association (not to be confused with the ZA/UM company, on which subject I would note that neither Kurvitz, Hindpere nor Rostov are working there since the end of last year and their leaving the company was involuntary. Which would seem like bad news for the loving fans that are waiting for the Disco sequel.)

The reason for dissolving the cultural organization is that it no longer represents the ethos it was founded on. People and ideas are meant to be eternal; organizations may well be temporary. I find that the organization was successful overall and most of the mistakes that were made were contingent, determined by the sociocultural conditions we were thrown into. I still encourage people to organize, and I would say that one of the qualities that the ZA/UM cultural organization sorely lacked was pretty much any formal structure.

For a while, it was beautiful. My sincerest thanks to all that have rooted for us.

Martin Luiga
Tallinn Inpatient Treatment Centre of Psychiatry Clinic, Ward IX

People more knowledgeable than me have written how a group of Estonian artists beat the odds to get the funding to release an explicitly anti-capitalist game; and there will surely be a lot written about how said game is getting a sequel after it’s creators were forced out by shareholders in their own company. You should definitely read further if you are inclined to do so. For now, though, let’s pour one out for Disco Elysium.