Comic Book Chat – 30th Anniversary of the Death of Superman

October 1992 – Superman saves Metropolis and its citizens from the alien threat dubbed Doomsday.

The Man of Steel would succumb to his injuries, holding on just long enough for Lois to tell him that he did it – he saved everyone.

The Death of Superman sent shockwaves through the comic book community and pop culture. There would be a SNL skit about the Death of Superman and his funeral with host Sinbad.

I remember my mom was able to pre-order a copy of the polybagged version of Superman #75 for me. Me being 10 years old I ripped that comic open and looked at it and all the extra goodies that came with it. People bought multiple copies thinking it would be the golden egg that led to a wealthy retirement.

DC Comics will be publishing a Death of Superman 30th Anniversary one-shot next month and I figured it would be a good topic for this week’s Comic Book Chat.

The opinion of Superman at the time of his death was not a good one – most people thought he was outdated, corny, and lost his luster in recent years, especially with the rise of grim and gritty heroes and anti-heroes.

Superman will always be my favorite superhero and his death was a big deal. I remember my dad saved a newspaper clipping for me when his future demise was announced.

How did the Death of Superman affect you? Does his fight with Doomsday still hold up? Did you buy a copy of Superman #75 and do you still have it?