WW 193 – Super Smash Wolves: Day 7

One Puppet of Evil remains. Prepare for your Final Smash.


  1. MSD – Ness (Town)
  2. Flubba
  3. April
  4. Wasp – Villager (Town)
  5. Lindsay – Peach (Town)
  6. Sic – Steve (Town)
  7. Hayes – Bowser (Town)
  8. Beinggreen – Dark Link (Town turned SK)
  9. Raven – Pikachu (Scum)
  10. Marlowe – Mario (Town)
  11. Queequeg – Zelda (Town)
  12. Ralph – Inkling (Scum)
  13. Grumproro
  14. Josephus
  15. ByCracky – Samus (Town)
  16. Narrow – Wii Fit Trainer (Scum)
  17. Side Character – Luigi (Town)
  18. Cork


14 4 Super Smash Bros (Town)

4 1 Puppet Fighters (Scum)

1 Serial Killer


These are the 18 Characters Present in this Game. Any powers these characters possess is a secret, and their alignment was assigned at random.

  1. Mario – You do not start the game with any special conditions or powers, but this may change with other Players’ actions.
  2. Donkey Kong
  3. Samus – Once your Shot is Charged Up, you’ll be able to use it to take out another player (1-Shot Vigilante, Can Not Be Used Until Night 3).
  4. Yoshi
  5. Kirby
  6. Pikachu – Each night you will investigate a player, learning their character and abilities.
  7. Luigi – When the first player who shares your alignment dies, you will be able to adopt whatever abilities and statuses they had as a Back-Up.
  8. Ness – Each night, you can use PK Flash, which will immobilize another player (Role Blocker).
  9. Peach – In this game, you have Two Potential Lovers — Mario and Bowser. Each Night name of Player, and if they possess either of those roles, you will become Lovers. After you’ve found one lover, you have the option to keep naming names to create a Love Triangle | After Mario and Bowser’s Death, Peach unlocked the ability to add any lover of her choice.
  10. Bowser – You do not start the game with any special conditions or powers, but this may change with other Players’ actions.
  11. Zelda – Each night, your Prophetic Visions will provide you alignment info on one player (Investigation).
  12. Young LinkYou are on the Search for Zelda. Each night you will name a player, and if you are correct they are Zelda, you will become paired. | Zelda’s death triggered young Link’s transformation into the serial killer Dark Link
  13. Villager – If the other players vote to kill you, they will set off a Wasp Nest. You will still die, but one of the players who voted for you will die with you.
  14. Wii Fit Trainer – Your Healthy Lifestyle guidance could be useful to other players, as you have the powers of a Medic
  15. Greninja
  16. Inkling – Each night, you can splat another player with your Ink. This will have no effect on the player, but they will be told they were Splatted. Your Win-Condition requires to have Inked half the surviving players at the end of the game to win. You can Solo Win if you have Inked all Surviving Players
  17. Byleth
  18. Steve – Each Night, you’ll be able to build fortifications around another player (Jailer)


Twilight is on Wednesday, October 12th at 2pm CST.