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Tuesday’s Politics thread isn’t posting anything about Walker, ok?

I’m just not comfortable with it. Y’all go ahead (within reason and site guidelines), but this train has left the tracks and I am not comfortable rubber-necking this particular scene.

I am EXTRAORDINARILY HERE for all of this particular train wreck. That would be The Idiot’s newest lawsuit. In fact, this header may be nothing but that.

Popehat had some things to say, click through for thread:

emptywheel pointed out that Jim Trusty pointed out that they don’t have time for frivolity in the other case he’s working on, and needs more time.

No, he sure hasn’t learned this lesson yet:

Also, this whole thread is worthwhile (although has some salty language in it, beware), but the last tweet is a real kicker:

So that’s my three-ish tweets. Have a great day everybody. Chins up, chest out, eyes forward. We got this! Everybody behave, no threatening anybody, including Mayor McSquirrel.