Best Male+ Voice in Music: Round of 16

Round two is behind us, and I don’t know that it was as wrenching as round one. Don’t worry, I expect sales of Pepto Bismol to increase for this round.

Round 2 stats:

Biggest blowout (and there were a couple) was Bill Withers’ annihilation of Isaac Hayes’ chocolate salty balls, 75-11.

Closest match was Prince getting eked out by Nat King Cole, 46-44, which was also the greatest upset, as the Purple One was 9th seed, and Nat 23rd.

Voting on these 8 rounds will go until Friday, 9PM. (I would limit it to two days, but it’s Yom Kippur, and I don’t want Jewish ‘Cados being left out).

(Update: Yeah it’s not the Quarterfinals yet. God this tournament’s big!)