American Dad! Season 19, Ep. 13 The Fast and the Spurious

In which Roger drives everyone into danger

When everyone is too drunk to drive home from Oktoberfest, Roger offers to drive everyone home but is rejected. Everyone says he is a terrible driver, even returning insurance adjuster Heinrich Brown and his new back up singers. Klaus attempts to teach Roger to drive but gives up when Roger damages Klaus’s truck. The family bans Roger from driving. However, while out to eat at Soso’s Pizza, Roger launches the pizza place in to space, stating that he can show them he’s a good driver in space.

Roger initially does well but when he hits a Tesla in space, he flies off course, taking him farther away from Earth. Roger tries twice to slingshot around planets but ends up taking the family further away from Earth. Low on fuel, the family realizes it will take seven years to get back to Earth. They start their journey and are soon docked by another Soso’s Pizza spaceship. Another Roger boards the ship, stating that he’s from three days in the future. The family has died following an attempt to slingshot around the sun.

Current-Roger discovers Future-Roger lied and the family died after he went Sun mad and attempted to drive into the sun. Current-Roger attempts to warn the family but they don’t believe him. Future-Roger convinces the family to try to slingshot around the sun (in reality he will try to drive into the sun again). Current and Future Roger’s engage in a move-the-ejector-button battle with Current Roger eventually coming out on top. Future Roger is launched into orbit around the sun but fails to be ejected into it. The family, trusting in Roger now, allows him to attempt the slingshot around the sun. He succeeds and they head back to Earth. The family says Roger can drive them home from Oktoberfest but when he realizes he has to be sober he rejects it.

Over on the B-Plot, with Jeff injured and believing everyone to be dead, Klaus starts suggesting that they will have to comfort each other both emotionally and sexually. Jeff is reluctant but eventually gives in but is interrupted by the backup singers in the basement.

Stray Observations

Roger’s outfit in space is the same outfit Seth MacFarlane wears on The Orville

Klaus has a truck that is rare partly because the paint causes seizures

Some of Roger’s driving accidents include hitting a pedestrian when Roger is Kevin Bacon, driving through backyards when he is Roy Rogers McFreely and driving a limo through a plane

Roger’s voice is still high pitched for me and it’s very obvious comparing it to previous seasons. Instead of Paul Lynde, MacFarlane seems to be going for generally nasally


This one was only ok. Nothing special