History Thread: A Brief History of American Fascism

Since Ken Burns’ documentary The US and the Holocaust made it timely – I decided to consolidate my old posts on the American fascist movements of the ’30s and ’40s under a comprehensive tag. I have been very proud of these articles since I wrote them back in summer of 2018; I spent a great deal of time researching them, including diving into some primary source material which I don’t often have time or ability to do for my writing here. Hopefully you have all found these pieces interesting or useful for understanding how the American Right hasn’t really changed that much over the years.

An article-by-article by article breakdown.

  1. March of the Khaki Shirts – Bonus Army, Second Ku Klux Klan, American Legion, Henry Ford, Khaki Shirts of America
  2. Business Plots – DuPonts, The American Liberty League and the Business Plot
  3. Little Foxes In Search of a Fuhrer – Huey Long, Father Charles Coughlin, Gerald K. Smith, Eugene Talmadge and the National Union Party
  4. The Mad Legions of America – Gerald Winrod, Elizabeth Dilling, Merwin K. Hart, George Van Horn Moseley, William Dudley Pelley and the Silver Shirts, The Black Legion
  5. The Gentle Art of Nazi Punching – The German-American Bund, Christian Front, Joe McWilliams
  6. The Trials of Sedition – America First, German propaganda/espionage, the Great Sedition Trial

Thanks for reading.