Don’t Worry Darling Snags Box Office Debut Win

With months worth of drama spooling out from the pre-release period of this film, Don’t Worry Darling has finally arrived in theaters from Warner Bros. The film landed with a $19.2 million take for the weekend. While the film didn’t have as strong a Saturday as the big number-crunchers see with it, Warner Bros. is certainly touting the win at this point as it’s ahead of the $17 million they were projecting. With a $35 million budget, it’s certainly something that will generally do well enough and have a fairly long release pattern between this, rental, purchase, and then streaming revenue points. The film has a very limited overseas release as well but it chalked up a solid $10 million so far from that.

The second week for The Woman King brought in another $11 million to bring it to $36 million while Barbarian adds $4.8 million to keep it at fourth place this weekend, its total now at $28.4 million

This weekend saw the return of Avatar with a limited re-release and it did another $10 million to bring it to $771 million.

Next weekend is pretty light once again with the horror film Smile coming in from Paramount, which could do well with its viral campaign out there, and the polar opposite with the rom-com Bros from Universal.

#TitleDistributor NameWeekend Total# of LocsLoc AvgCume TotalMarket Share
1Don’t Worry DarlingWarner Bros.$19,200,0004,113$4,668$19,200,00038.6%
2Woman King, TheSony$11,145,0003,765$2,960$36,298,72427.2%
3Avatar (2009) (re)20th Century Studios$10,000,0001,860$5,376$771,000,0005.8%
4Barbarian20th Century Studios$4,800,0002,890$1,661$28,430,2615.7%
6See How They RunSearchlight$1,900,0002,502$759$6,105,0394.4%
7Bullet TrainSony$1,815,0001,907$952$99,247,9543.8%
8DC League of Super PetsWarner Bros.$1,765,0002,351$751$90,041,9113.4%
9Top Gun MaverickParamount$1,560,0002,025$770$712,000,0002.8%
10Minions: The Rise Of GruUniversal$1,040,0001,642$633$366,000,0001.1%
11Invitation, TheSony$1,000,0001,676$597$23,083,9440.4%
12Moonage DaydreamNeon Rated$922,000733$1,258$2,600,5260.3%

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[Source: Box Office Essentials]