WW 192- Welcome to Were-peture Science, Day Five

This place is a maze. Everyone frantically works their way through a series of walkways that seem like no actual human has set foot on them in generations.

This impression is reinforced when one of them suddenly gives way, and all of you tumble down into a hole in a pneumatic tube below you. The group is swept along, around a few turns, before getting dumped into what appears to be an old, abandoned testing track. The walls are busily re-configuring themselves, but someone points out a panel that seemingly is stuck, robotic arm futilely trying to pull it shut despite a couple cubes and some debris wedged behind it, forcing it open.

The consensus is that you’d prefer not to be at the mercy of a psychotic AI, so you squeeze through the passage. All except Karen, bringing up the rear. As she is pulled through, someone kicks the cubes holding the panel open and it slams shut, crushing her.

Cork/Karen is dead, for real this time. But they are still a heartless monster.

Everyone is too taken by the sight inside this tiny side room to notice who did it. Walls covered in insane ramblings, poetry, mathematical equations, crude drawings. Depictions of a huge computer hanging from the ceiling with an ominous yellow eye. Upsettingly erotic drawings of a Weighted Companion Cube. People dying horrifically in clouds of green gas, in flames, in acid, being burned to death by lasers, and over and over:

“The cake is a lie.”

There is a stack of boxes that leads up to a hole in the wall. As you all emerge, you find yourself in what looks like… An office? You’ve managed to break through into what was clearly an area for the scientists working behind the scenes. In the distance, you hear that familiar computerized voice echoing from one of the intercoms.

“You’re not even going the right way, you know. You should have turned left back there. It’s funny, when you think about it. Do you even know where you’re going? Come on. You’re going to get hurt, and someone already cut the cake. I told them to wait for you all, but they didn’t listen, just like you’re not listening now. I’m not angry. I’m just disappointed. Now come back to the testing area. Didn’t we have fun? Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and you were like ‘NO WAAAAY’ and I was all ‘I pretended I was going to kill you’? That was great.”

  1. MacCrocodile
  2. April
  3. Mrs. Queequeg
  4. MSD
  5. Lamb (Vanilla Town)
  6. Wasp
  7. The Hayes Code (Wolf Roleblocker)
  8. Lindsay (Town Investigator)
  9. Marlowe (Vanilla Town)
  10. Raven and Rose
  11. Chumjoely (Town Jailer)
  12. Cork (Vanilla Town)
  13. Flubba
  14. Indy (Wolf Catastrophizer)
  15. Abby (Vanilla Town)
  16. Side Character


11 6 Vanilla Test Subjects- You have no power but your vote, unless you get one. In which case you’ll have that one too.

1 Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device- Can be used to unexpectedly transport yourself or someone else, potentially getting them out of harm’s way but also probably confusing them. Cannot be used on same target on consecutive nights. (Town Jailer)

1 Oracle Turret- Not sure where you found this thing. It’s supposed to be murdering you, but instead it just whispers weirdly prescient facts. Can be asked each night about a fellow Test Subject, will tell you what item they have. (Town investigator)


1 Fact Core- Spouts an endless stream of useless facts. Each night can distract one player, making them forget to take an action. (Wolf roleblocker)

1 Curiosity Core- Spurs you to poke around other people’s belongings. Each night can target one person. If they have an item, you find out what it is, what it does, and have the choice of stealing it (with the exception of the Portal Device or the Oracle Turret.) If you steal it, you can hold on to it or hand it off to Wheatley. If you hold onto it, you can’t steal another until you use it. If you die, one of the other wolves can take this core. Any item used by wolves will be destroyed after one use.

Wheatley- Formerly an intelligence dampening core, now retrofit into an android body. You are not merely a moron, you are the result of the greatest minds of a generation tirelessly working to create the biggest moron possible. You cannot be detected unless you have an item. When you use them, it will be… Interesting.


Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube- Somehow you feel safer with this around. However, at the first sign of danger, you will sacrifice your cube to save yourself, you monster. If the cube could speak (And Aperture Science would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it cannot), it would tell you that it would rather die horribly than know that it stood idly by while its only friend in this world was injured.

Aperture Science Encouragement Laser Redirection Cube- This multi-mirrored cube can be used to redirect an action. Name two people each night, and any night actions performed on one will target the other, and vice versa. Cannot target the same players on consecutive nights.

Aperture Science Perpetual Testing Initiative Universal Multiverse Shuffler- Once, can be used to flip through the multiverse to find one where nobody is being murdered that day, giving a daykill reprieve. Almost entirely guaranteed not to accidentally land on a universe where someone was never born. (Note: Guarantee is not a guarantee)

Repulsion Gel- A sticky blue substance that causes anyone and anything to rebound off it at high speed. Can be applied to a different player each night, making any of the night actions targeting them reflect back at the originator. Cannot be used on the same person more than once, because it will cause horrific bone cancer. We don’t know what element it is yet, but it’s a lively one, and it does NOT like the human skeleton.

Aperture Laboratories Official Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Reclamation Ticket- Can be used once to receive a factory reconditioned, guaranteed-to-function piece of authentic Aperture Science testing equipment. (Note: Guarantee is not a guarantee) Will receive a used up or previously eliminated item from this list at random, though it may malfunction.

Twilight is Wednesday, 9/21, at 3 pm, CST