The Day Thread Splits the Différance

While the second album from K-pop superstar group BLACKPINK has been released today, I would like to talk about another musical group from South Korea.

Jambinai formed in 2009 and released its self-titled EP in 2010. And 2012 saw the band’s debut album, Différance. Two other albums came after: Hermitage in 2016 and ONDA in 2019. 

The band is known for playing mostly instrumental post-rock using the conventional rock instruments like electric guitars, bass guitar, and drumkit. And since post-rock loves incorporating non-rock instruments, Jambinai’s music frequently centers around traditional Korean instruments like the haegeum, the piri, the taepyeongso, and the geomungo. And for the most part, it blends seamlessly, forming music of aggression and ugliness, sadness and longing, beauty and hope.

If you have three minutes, this is their single from Différance, Time of Extinction:

And if you have 46 minutes, here is the band’s debut album, Différance:

Note, I am not sure if these videos play in all countries.