AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: Yig Snake Granddaddy, Part 36

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Sorry for the light header, but I’m on vacation this week. Talk amongst yourselves!

Players and Characters

Wafflicious is back in the DM’s seat to continue our 5e Cthulhu Mythos adventure. Our players include:

  • JosephusBrown as Anton Illinois (Human Inquisitive Rogue/Fighter), a disgraced archaeology professor who has turned to seeking arcane rituals
  • CleverGuy as Bastian Updelver (Deep Gnome Alchemist Artificer), an eccentric local potionmaker
  • TheHayesCode as Hazel Green (Dhampir Spirits Bard), a flapper, séance MC, and aspiring spiritualist
  • Spiny Creature as Ku (Kenku Twilight Cleric), a local priestess of Bastet, goddess of protection
  • The Wasp as Leah Zann (Tiefling Great Old One Warlock), a professor from Miskatonic University who accepted a deal with Yog Sothoth to get an advantage over her male colleagues
  • The Ugly One with the Jewels as Minty Rocksmasher (Dwarf Berserker Barbarian), survivor of an eldritch accident which decimated her tribe

This week’s recap comes from TheHayesCode, giving us a glimpse into Hazel’s Diary. Thanks, Hayes!

Shopping in Dylath-Leen

Well, dear Diary, it looks our potential “plateaued” up on that plateau – in other words, we weren’t making much progress with all the nasties swooping down on us – so here we are again down in the jungle, looking for that big snake. Apparently it’s called a “nohestan.” We did a little research on it and I guess our friend, the green-cloaked goober, is planning on using it in some ritual to bring back to serpent god Yig. In fact, that’s what this whole thing has been about – resurrecting a bunch of ancient lizard monsters, turning back the cloak to some prehistoric stinky jungle hell – just to bring back some extinct snake so they can kill it again! I ruined my best shoes for this?

We figured maybe traveling by water would be faster, and luckily Leah was able to turn herself into a giant crocodile and give us a ride, so we made good time, and didn’t get attacked any more. Nobody wants to mess with a crocodile.

Then, that night, Dandelion showed up and gave us some special stuff for the fire to zonk us out and, uh, send us somewhere? We ended up in the Dreamlands, in this strange city called Dyleth-Leen. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Diary. Oh no, we got yanked right outta our bodies into another weird mess! But don’t worry about your girl Hazel, because it turns out Dyleth-Leen is some kind of dimensional crossroads of the multiverse, which meant – hot baths! Drinks! Food! SHOPPING!

Look, I won’t go into everything this intrepid adventuress got into, Diary, because your pages would blush pink. Let’s just say I took full advantage of the fact that I was technically dreaming and that nothing I did there would carry over to my real liver, waistline, or, uh, anywhere else and leave it at that. But I did get to go drinking with Minty and, I hope, cheer her up a little – AND I was able to wangle a couple of souvenirs back to the real world! I got some spooky pipes, and a suit of better traveling clothes that I can transform to look like just about whatever I want. For when you want to show a little skin, but don’t want that skin to be filled with ticks, you know?