movie theater screen with the title "Fall movie fundraiser for indigenous women rising"

The Fall Movie Fundraiser for Abortion Access!

The fall movie season is almost upon us, and there are so many films to get excited about — the Knives Out sequel! Guillermo del Toro’s stop-motion PinocchioCannibal Chalamet! Not one but two controversy-laden movies that will make the internet insufferable for months!

I’m Kristen Grote, a freelance film and culture critic and I’m really looking forward to reviewing these great/weird/interesting movies over the next few months. But I thought, Why not use this opportunity to support a worthy cause?

That’s why I’m raising money for the Indigenous Women Rising abortion fund. IWR is an indigenous-led organization which helps indigenous people access equitable and culturally safe health options. Indigenous people are among those with the least access to reproductive health services and are some of the most affected by anti-abortion policies, and they need support now more than ever.

So here’s the deal: if we hit our goal of $2,000 by the beginning of October I’ll write at least one movie review every week through the end of December (excluding Marvel movies, that’s not my wheelhouse), to be published on The Avocado.

Movie reviews and abortion access for all, what’s not to love?


Kristen Grote is a freelance film and culture critic. Follow her on Twitter and Letterboxd.