The Bottom Day Thread

The Bottom Day Thread (Sept 6, 2022)

From September 1991 to April 1995, Adrian Edmondson and the much-missed Rik Mayall produced three series and a whole eighteen episodes of their insanely stupid, crude, and disgustingly brilliant comedy, Bottom.

Edmondson plays alcoholic Eddie Hitler besides Mayall’s 40-year-old virgin Richard Richard, two jobless rejects from society who spend their penniless days inside their dilapidated apartment filling their free hours hitting each other with frying pans and punching each other in the groin to relieve their hatred of each other. It was a cheap one-set location allowing two comedic greats to be as juvenile as possible in front of an audience. I loved it.

I for sure had many of the original VHS tapes which contained a whole three episodes each, as well as Fluff, the 57-minute long video of out-takes and bloopers, a DVD extra from 1991:

Bottom Fluff

Remember to take care of yourselves and have a super day, everyone!