Spider-Man: No Way Home Scores Box Office Win

The Labor Day weekend is a dead weekend for movies – even though there is money to be made on it – and the theaters tried to up their game for it with a National Cinema’s Day with $3 tickets. That helped to get people back into the theater for a couple of things such as the re-release of Spider-Man: No Way Home with additional footage. That let the film add another $6 million for the three days and projected a bit more when viewed as a four-day weekend with the holiday.

It also helped with Top Gun Maverick as that film in its 15th week added another $5.5 million which with the Monday numbers will put it over the $700 million mark.

Pretty great for a movie nobody thought should be made.

Everything else is pretty much just a few million and close to that so it’s jockeying for a position where it doesn’t mean much. Dragon Ball Super at least added another $2.4 million to its coffers to bring it to $34.8 million, which is really great for a specialty project like this.

As for what’s next, September 9th sees the wide release of Brahmastra Part One: Shiva from Disney while 20th Century Studios goes with the horror/thriller Barbarian. Avenue Pictures is going to try and go wide with Medieval

#TitleDistributor NameWeekend Total# of LocsLoc AvgCume TotalMarket Share
1Spider-Man: No Way HomeSony$6,000,0003,935$1,525$810,793,00038.6%
2Top Gun MaverickParamount$5,500,0003,113$1,767$698,829,74427.2%
3DC League of Super PetsWarner Bros.$5,450,0003,115$1,750$80,806,0585.8%
4Bullet TrainSony$5,400,0003,117$1,732$85,932,5585.7%
5Invitation, TheSony$4,705,0003,114$1,511$13,749,9634.8%
7Minions: The Rise Of GruUniversal$3,130,0002,457$1,274$358,867,0653.8%
8Thor: Love And ThunderDisney$2,446,0002,090$1,170$339,962,2963.4%
9Dragon Ball Super: Super HeroCrunchyroll$2,411,0002,468$977$34,863,4922.8%
10Jaws (1975)Universal$2,300,0001,246$1,846$266,224,0001.1%
11Where The Crawdads SingSony$1,865,0002,074$899$84,855,3980.4%

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[Source: Box Office Essentials]