Image of John Green's face, with a mustache, above the word Pizza.

August 24th Pizza John Night Thread

This Night Thread is dedicated to John Green, who turned 45 years-old today. Among other professions, Green is an author of best-selling YA novels. Online discourse is split on their merits, but I’m a fan of his writing voice. His most recent YA novel, Turtles All The Way Down, is set for a film adaption directed by Hannah Marks to be released on HBO Max. So… fingers crossed. 

In the online world, John and his brother Hank Green have spent 15 years making videos on their shared Vlogbrothers channel, and later created the educational channel Crash Course. As host of Crash Course’s US History and World History series, John Green has been a lifeline to many AP High School students.

The brothers also co-host the podcast Dear Hank and John, a comedy podcast that frequently veers into discussing existential dread. They answer listener questions and discuss news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon, a fourth-tier English Football team. (Green is primarily a Liverpool fan, but his enthusiasm for AFC Wimbledon’s unique history led him to become a supporter and sponsor of the club).

By himself, John Green hosts the podcast The Anthropocene Reviewed, in which he rates aspects of our human-centered planet on a 5-Star Scale. He gives 1-Star to Plague, 2-Stars to Hawaiian Pizza, 3-Stars to Canada Geese, 4-Stars to Super Mario Kart, and 5-Stars to Sunsets.

Anyway, what is Pizza John, you ask? Well, you see, one time a fan made an image depicting John Green with a mustache above the word Pizza. I own a shirt of this image. I apologize if you expected a more helpful explanation.