Rocky III Night Thread (08/23)

Rocky 3 is another American classic celebrating its 40th Anniversary of release this year.

Rocky Balboa is the champ and he’s riding high on a wave of success and popularity …until he crosses paths with his next challenger Clubber Lang (Mr. T). Everything comes crashing down for Rocky and he must pick himself up and find “the eye of the tiger” once more.

Trivia – Hulk Hogan was fired from the WWF for taking the role of Thunderlips.

Bonus Trivia – Three bronze Rocky statues (each standing at nearly nine feet tall) were created for this film, one of which holds a place of honor in the garden on the grounds of The Philadelphia Museum of Art (better known as The Rocky Steps.)

Something to Discuss – What is your favorite movie in the Rocky franchise? Rank the movies in order from best to worst.

My favorite Rocky movie is Part 4 because it was my first Rocky movie. Also, in high school, we would work out in the weight room to the Rocky 4 soundtrack.