The Weekly Wrestling Thread

The Weekly Wrestling Thread (G1) Climaxes (August 19, 2022)


Rumours abound via podcasts such as Voices Of Wrestling and the Observer that there is real backstage heat between Adam Page and CM Punk which has spilled over to their in-ring promos where seemingly both went off script; Page when he mentioned defending the AEW originals, and this week when Punk called the former champion a coward. Punk rubbing people the wrong way? Surely not (apparently there’s a lot of unhappiness regarding Colt Cobana being “banished” to Ring of Honor too). Whether any of this is real or worked in the fashion of the MJF storyline, is yet to be revealed.

Adam Page and CM Punk

Speaking of MJF, with the returns of Danielson, Punk and Kenny Omega, Maxwell is the last top star yet to come back to Dynamite. Will the storylines placed on hold due to injuries pick back up again? More importantly, how fantastic is it to have Omega back?

All Out is coming soon, the culmination of a week of events for AEW in Chicago. We’ll find out who the Unified World Champion will be next week.

AEW All Out

This company has too many belts.


The G1 Climax ended this week with Kazuchika Okada winning his second in a row and fourth overall, besting Will Ospreay in the final (Naito fans left in shambles once again). Wrestle Kingdom was announced as a single night event again, after four years of it being stretched over two nights. Certainly this will make the greatest show of the wrestling year feel even more special again.

Kazuchika Okada

Okada vs White will be a great main event and I can’t wait to find out which AEW wrestlers will be announced!


NXT UK is no more, to be replaced by NXT Europe some time in 2023. The British wrestling scene was firmly stomped by WWE and now only the fly-ridden corpses remain on a barren wasteland that is the United Kingdom.

Apparently the main roster shows are getting better.