AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: Yig Snake Granddady, Part 34

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Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast released the 5e version of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space as a three-book box set. The Astral Adventurer’s Guide is a book of player options, including 6 new races: Astral Elves, Giff (hippo people), Hadozee (flying simians), Plasmoids (ooze), Autognome (small robots), and Thri-kreen (four-armed, telepathic insectoids). Boo’s Astral Menagerie is a mini-Monster Manual with over 60 new creatures found in Wildspace and the Astral Sea. And the set also includes a new adventure module, Light of Xaryxis, designed for characters of levels 5 to 8 and set on the Astral Plane.

For those who might be unaware, Spelljammer was first introduced as a supplement for 2nd edition D&D in 1989, combining the high fantasy of D&D with sci-fi/space opera elements. Player characters board magic-powered space-faring vessels and traverse the stars of Wildspace and the Astral Sea to find adventure on any of the many worlds that exist in the D&D multiverse. Of course, they’ll have to deal with space pirates, illithids, and other denizens of the space between stars, including everything from giant space whales, to sentient murder comets, to a race of killer clowns.

I know that many people have been clamoring for Spelljammer to be released for 5e for quite a while. Do you plan on purchasing this set to run your own Spelljammer campaign? Or if you’ve already picked it up, tell us what you think.

Players and Characters

Wafflicious is back in the DM’s seat to continue our 5e Cthulhu Mythos adventure. Our players include:

  • JosephusBrown as Anton Illinois (Human Inquisitive Rogue/Fighter), a disgraced archaeology professor who has turned to seeking arcane rituals
  • CleverGuy as Bastian Updelver (Deep Gnome Alchemist Artificer), an eccentric local potionmaker
  • TheHayesCode as Hazel Green (Dhampir Spirits Bard), a flapper, séance MC, and aspiring spiritualist
  • Spiny Creature as Ku (Kenku Twilight Cleric), a local priestess of Bastet, goddess of protection
  • The Wasp as Leah Zann (Tiefling Great Old One Warlock), a professor from Miskatonic University who accepted a deal with Yog Sothoth to get an advantage over her male colleagues
  • The Ugly One with the Jewels as Minty Rocksmasher (Dwarf Berserker Barbarian), survivor of an eldritch accident which decimated her tribe
Over the Karstlands

Excerpts from the notes of Bastian Updelver…

I wonder what happened to Xuxuxlu–he wasn’t the most pleasant person to deal with, but he did get us all out of that facility alive. I hope he made it out as well. No time to worry about that now, though. Dandelion gave us a new task–to hunt the Nohestan, a giant snake with bronze scales. We need to find it and destroy it before Gehir can control it the way he controls those other giant lizard beasts. The last thing the world needs is Gehir with a pet serpent the size of a tree! The beast would most likely be found in the forest near Alithe Yunmel, so we had to travel back up north past the Elder Thing city that is being slowly restored in the Karstlands. Dandelion insisted that time was of the essence, so after some debate, we decided to climb to the top of the cliff and make our way straight over the Karstlands. Hazel went first, crawling up the wall like she does, and then she threw down a rope for the rest of us. As soon as we got to the top and saw the wide flat open area we had to cross, Minty started freaking out about being too exposed, and bolted towards a small outcrop of rock, cowering underneath it as best she could. Ku and Hazel tried to comfort her, but just then an Elder Thing dived out of the air towards us!

Hazel summoned a giant spectral hand that grabbed the Elder Thing in mid-air and pulled it down to the ground. While she did her best to hold the Elder Thing down, the rest of us tried to kill it as quickly as we could. At least it gave Minty something to focus on so she could ignore the open sky for a minute. After a few moments, the Elder Thing dispelled Hazel’s hand and took off into the air, leaving both Anton and Minty confused in its wake. But it didn’t get far before I was able to shoot it down with one of my Acid Arrows.

I saw that Minty was starting to panic again about the wide open space as soon as the Elder Thing was dead, so I took off my goggles and did some quick tinkering. I put the goggles over Minty’s eyes, with some ink and dye in the lenses to block out the sky above. It seemed to work pretty well, if I do say so myself.

We started running again over the mesa, but I could tell that my short Gnome legs were slowing us down–no one wanted to leave me behind, which I am grateful for. I took a swig of a potion I had brewed up that would let me move a little faster for a while. But we weren’t fast enough. Before even an hour had gone by we saw two more Elder Things heading our way and gaining on us quickly. They were on us fast, and before long it was all I could do to try and keep my friends alive with my healing potions and salves. One of them had grabbed both Ku and I in its tentacles and seemed to be about to take off into the air with us. Ku saved us by banishing the Elder Thing to another plane. With that one gone, we were able to focus all of our attention on bringing down the other. Once it was dead, we all took a moment to get ready and then Ku brought the banished Elder Thing back and we all pounced on it immediately. It still put up a bit of a fight, but we managed to kill it. We still have a long way to go, though, and I’ve already run through most of the potions I brewed up for the day. We might have to re-think this plan…