A Perpetually Assimilating Michigander’s Day Thread

Sunset over Argo Pond in Ann Arbor, June 2011

Twenty years ago (sometime?) this week, I moved to Michigan from Ohio (and before that, Louisiana, where I was born and raised). I’ve come to love the place, in fitful ways, as my adopted home, and there’ve been times when it feels like it’s loved me just as much. I hope to further explore our relationship for many more years.

The future Argo Cascades in Ann Arbor during more tranquil times in October 2010.

One lingering (though hardly dire) regret is that I didn’t turn to visual art (casual photography and then drawing and painting) until several years had gone by, some of them among the most vital (thus far) in my life here. That said, I racked up plenty of photos over the years, though my growing turn towards the more applied aforementioned arts has sapped my energy thereto, even if there was a bit of a renascence during the pandemic, especially during the early days.

The Mackinac Bridge from the ramparts of Colonial Michilimackinac, August 2012.

So these are some of the better or more characteristic shots from the last decade and change. I hope everyone has a pleasant and enjoyable day, week, and all the rest of it (did the header Sunday night in a very jovial if not bibulous mood).

Downtown Detroit seen from Belle Isle Beach last Friday (with a characteristic squadron of Canada geese; I’m going again this Friday and can’t really wait).