30 Day Action Movie Challenge Day 16: All About Zoe Saldana

For the month of August, we’re going to be focusing on the world of action movies and that means going through a lot of very different elements of it. The prompts this month were worked on by Mr. Ixolite, Brick Fistcrush, and myself!

The challenge is underway and we’re shifting gears as we get further into it. Today, we’re focusing on Zoe Saldana, someone that has definitely made action films a solid part of her filmography. While having a wide range of roles over the years, she’s been able to get involved in several big franchise and running some of her own as well, going from Star Trek to Guardians of the Galaxy but also working on projects like Colombiana and let’s not forget Avatar.

Bonus: What action film of hers do you wish had gone bigger or had sequels for?