The 8/11/22 Day Thread Hits It Out of the Park

On this day in 1929, George Herman “Babe” Ruth hit the 500th Home Run of his career. Ruth, hailed as one of the best (possibly the best) baseball player of all time, went on to hit 714 Home Runs for his career, a record that stood until April 8, 1974 when Hank Aaron, also considered one of the best of all time, hit his 715th Home Run. Aaron went on to hit 755 Homers for his career.

Also on this day in 1971, in an odd coincidence, Harmon Killebrew of the Minnesota Twins, hit his 500th home run of his career as well as his 501st Home Run later in the same game.

The 500th Homer. Allegedly

And that’s this day in baseball history, courtesy of me. Enjoy the Day Thread