Comic Book Chat – The Amazing Spider-Man’s 60th Anniversary

I try not to have any repeats here at the Comic Book Chat but every August, I like to dedicate a thread specifically for Spider-Man. Today’s thread is dedicated to the character’s 60th anniversary!

My first comic book subscription was The Amazing Spider-Man and the first issue I got in the mail was Number 362, just missing the first appearance of Carnage (which I was able to track down in the back issue bin before it skyrocketed).

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Peter Parker was a high school student that got bitten by a radioactive spider. He would gain the abilities and proportionate strength of a spider. Instead of the incident making his life better, it would make it much worse, especially after the death of his beloved Uncle Ben.

What is it about Spider-Man that makes the character endure for over 60 years?

What are your favorite storylines featuring the Wall Crawler?

What is your favorite media outside of comics ( T.V. , movies, cartoons, etc.) featuring the Awesome Arachnid?

Is Spider-Man a personal favorite superhero of yours?

Where would you like to see the character go in the next 60 years?

Thanks for stopping by to chat!