Creepshow Night Thread (08/05)

Anyone else gobsmacked its AUGUST already? Last month we looked at My Favorite Cartoons. This month we are celebrating 40th Anniversary of Films from 1982. First up is Creepshow from the dynamic duo of Stephen King and George A Romero.

What do you get when two masters of the macabre work alongside together? Five freaky and fear inducing tales starting with Father’s Day. A family gathers together to remember their deceased patriarch on the holiday. You can’t prepare yourself for the dance moves of Ed Harris! DONT EVEN TRY! Next Stephen King stars as a farmer that discovers a meteor in his backyard in The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill. After that scintillating sci fi tale, Leslie Nielsen exacts watery revenge on Ted Danson and Gaylen Ross in Something to Tide You Over. What’s inside The Crate and what does Hal Halbrook want with the creature inside it? Finally, E.G. Marshall must contend with an infestation of cockroaches in They Are Creeping Up On You.

Released in November 1982, Creepshow raked in 21 million dollars at the box office, on an 8 million dollar budget. It would spawn a sequel in 1987 and a long forgotten third entry in 2006. Thanks to Greg Nicotero, Creepshow is back in a big way with a television series on Shudder. A Creepshow comic book will be released in next month.

Keep your eyes peeled for an ashtray, it appears in each vignette.

My favorite story is The Crate. This portion of the movie was filmed in Pittsburgh. I like the design of Fluffy. I always wanted a standalone movie or a sequel to this story.

Something to Discuss – What’s your favorite story from the movie? What would your ranking order be for all of them?