George Westren - Dreams (2004)

The George Westren Day Thread (August 4, 2022)

George Westren lived alone in a London council flat, and a year after his death in 2021, a clearance firm who had been hired to empty the property was throwing his possessions into the garbage to be destroyed. His neighbour Alan Warburton managed to rescue around 200 of Westren’s artworks, prints he had created over a period of twenty years. Sharing his experience on social media, Warburton’s story – and Westren’s art – quickly went viral.

George Westren - Untitled 16 (2003)

Westren died in anonymity, but his Op-Art images, painstakingly created with felt-tip pens, have achieved fame and celebration posthumously, with a website and hopefully exhibitions in the future to preserve his work; true Outsider Art.

Have a super day and take care of yourselves, everyone!