Comic Book Chat – The Sandman

The live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s The Sandman is hitting Netflix on Friday August 5th, so today we will be discussing the comic series and its cast of characters.

Our very own Beasterly wrote a series of Classic Comic Book Canon articles about the entire run of Sandman.

I own the first graphic novel collection and I read part of it but never finished it or continued with the rest of the series. I definitely should go back and read the first volume soon.

Even though The Sandman ended its run in 1996, there have been numerous spin off comics in recent years under the DC Black Label umbrella. There were also a number of spinoffs that ran concurrently and after the main series ended its initial run.

Is The Sandman Neil Gaiman’s magnum opus? Would the series still have an impact on readers and pop culture if it came out at a later time like the 00s? What are some of the things you like/dislike about the series? If you had the chance to fancast a live action movie who would you have star in it? ( I believe Wizard broached the same subject during one of their Casting Call articles back in the day).

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