ThunderCats Day Thread (07/30)

Week 3 of My Favorite Cartoons! (Special thanks to Mr. Ixolite and Fandompost and their 30 Day Animation Loop) features the ThunderCats!

The battle between Lion-o and the ThunderCats vs Mummra the Ever Living and his Mutants helped occupy my time after school before starting my homework.

I don’t recall having any of the action figures but I remember Panini would release sticker books and sticker packs. You would get around 5 or 6 stickers per packet and then look to see the number on the back of the sticker and place it inside the numbered box in the book. Some of them would be special stickers with holographic images or shiny bordering to them. When my great aunt and nanny would babysit my sister and I, they would tell me to get their purse, and they would give me a few sticker packs. I miss those days so much!