The 7/21 Night Thread Celebrates Two Years of Julia!

On the evening of July 21, 2020, I downloaded an app called FaceApp, took a selfie, and ran it through a filter to change the picture from male to female. When I looked at the result, I was floored. I said to myself, “This beautiful woman is inside me, and I need to bring her out into the world.” That’s when I finally figured out I’m trans at the age of 47.

(OK, I didn’t come up with the name Julia until the next day – I started brainstorming, with the picture as a guide. When the name Julia popped into my head, seemingly out of nowhere, I looked at the picture and thought, “She looks like a Julia.” Side note: FaceApp predicted my hair would stay very straight as it got longer. It didn’t get that part right, but I love my curls, so I’m OK with that.)

It’s been a wild ride, and The Avocado has been a huge part of it. While I did create a Twitter account for Julia, I made no references to my past self. This is really the first place where I told people that I knew before. I’m not the first Avocado to realize I’m trans, but I’ve seen how supportive people here have been for the others (and I was supportive, too – I’d like to think I was an ally back then). And while it may not have been a surprise, I still welcome all the love and support I’ve gotten.

Embertine was the one who came up with my new user name. She said that Julia Krellis sounded like a fantasy crime writer with great hair and a bottle of Chablis in her fridge, and I still love that description. I may not be able to write worth a damn (as you can see), but my hair is getting there, and I do have a bottle of Chablis in my fridge. (When I tried the Chablis, I didn’t care for it, but it’s still there, and has been for well over a year. I have no idea if it’s still drinkable, but it makes for a good story.) I don’t mind keeping Krellis around as a “last name,” mainly because it lets me continue to refer to my parents as Ma and Pa Krellis. (My parents have been amazing, by the way. Yes, I know exactly how lucky I am, but I’m sure they’d adopt you if you asked.)

And if we temporarily change Birthday Cat to Anniversary Cat, it fits perfectly.

Anyway, thank you all for the love and support. It means more than you’ll ever know.

Post cat pictures, and be excellent to each other.