Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Jul. 18

Please welcome today’s contestants:

  • Erica, a 4th grade teacher, couldn’t stop answering quiz questions from the audience in 4th grade;
  • William, a research fellow, met the Clue Crew while covering college Jeopardy!; and
  • Emily, a middle school band director, whose dog is not named after COVID. Emily is a three-day champ with winnings of $87,201.


GIVING YOU THE BOOT // GOOD HISTORY // ACTING UP ON TV // THE WOUK MOB // COLOR ME BAD // “THE” END (all responses end with “the”.)

DD1 – $600 – GOOD HISTORY – At first the church didn’t oppose this Polish man’s ideas; the center of the universe was filthy, so better not to be there (Erica added $600 to her score of $1,200.)

Scores going into DJ: Emily $2,600, William $400, Emily $3,200.

Double Jeopardy!


DD2 (video) – $1,200 – AMERICANA – (Shown is a large old house with distinctive pointed architecture) Belonging to a cousin, the historic home seen here in Salem, Massachusetts inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne to write this novel (Emily added $2,000 to her total of $3,400 vs. $6,400 for Erica.)

DD3 – $1,600 – GIVING YOU THE BOOT – This Bolshevik got exiled to Siberia twice, expelled from the Politburo in 1926 & the Soviet Union itself 3 years later (William added $2,400 to his third-place score of $5,600 to tie Erica for the lead at $8,000.)

William moved from third into a tie for first with Erica on DD3, then Erica had the strongest finish to lead into FJ at $11,600 vs. $8,800 for William and $7,800 for Emily.

Final Jeopardy!

ART & THEATRE – Asked to design a new set for a restaging of this 1952 play, Alberto Giacometti came up with one scraggly plaster tree

Everyone was correct on FJ. Erica only wagered $4,001, enough to cover double of Emily’s score by $1, which is exactly what William did by betting $6,801, so they wound up in a tie.

Tiebreaker – BIOGRAPHIES – “The Passage of Power” covers 1958 to 1964 in Robert Caro’s 4th volume of the life of this American

William was in first and correct to win with $15,601.

Odds and ends

Pop culture problems: No one knew the last name of the sidekick of “Magnum, P.I.” is Higgins, or the director of “After Hours” and “The Color of Money” is Martin Scorsese.

Judging the judges: They didn’t require a BMS for the Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore, allowed the second “the” to be omitted on “The House of the Seven Gables”, got strict on the pronunciation of Stuyvesant, and gave credit on FJ for a similar scribble that was disallowed in another game recently.

Correct Qs: DD1 – Who was Copernicus? DD2 – What is “The House of (the) Seven Gables? DD3 – Who was Trotsky? FJ – What is “Waiting for Godot”? Tiebreaker – Who was LBJ?