X-Men The Animated Series Day Thread (07/16)

I was going to skip my themed Open Threads for the month of July but since there were some available spots in the Open Thread Sign Ups , I decided to dedicate this month to My Favorite Cartoons! ( Special thanks to Mr. Ixolite and Fandompost and their 30 Day Animation Loop).

X-Men the Animated Series debuted in October 1992 (Happy 30th Anniversary to the cartoon) on Fox. Thinking back on the cartoon now, the subject matter was much more mature than I anticipated for a 10 year old. When I discuss the X-men movies, I always have to opine that the cartoon did a phenomenal job adapting the Dark Phoenix Saga. The cartoon was very faithful to the source material. I think my second favorite adaptation was The Proteus Saga and the debut of the Morlocks and the trial by combat between Storm and Callisto.

The cartoon and comics would pave the way for tie in promotions with Pizza Hut and the creation of Toy Biz action figures featuring the Merry Mutants and later on the Sega Genesis X-Men game.

The 1990s were a good time to be an X-Men fan. What a time to be alive!

Something to Discuss – Tell us your favorite episodes and what you are looking forward to with the continuation of the cartoon with X-Men’ 97.

Bonus Discussion – Who is your favorite X-Men character and why?