The Walk Cycle Night Thread

Been obsessing over these lately after a random YouTube comment on a piece of music from a 16-bit game said, “This makes me want to explore my hometown with a two frame walk cycle.”

It was the Onett theme, if you’re curious.

It’s wild to me how many of these old ones were so simplistic. It’s amazing how much more your brain fills in than is there. This is literally just two pictures alternated with each other yet it reads so clearly.

And one like this is simpler than it seems. Mario’s feet and body are only three frames, and if you look carefully you can tell that he’s always stepping forward with the same foot.

But if you watch his cape, you notice that it’s actually a 4-frame cycle as it flaps up and down. So these two line back up every 12 frames, making it so that if you don’t really notice how short it is if you’re not looking too closely.

Have a good Day Thread, y’all.