This Weekly Video Games Thread’s Machinations Lay Undetected for Years

Happy Monday, folks of the Avocado! Welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread!

Let’s get to the prompt: villains. And I don’t mean “antagonist,” I don’t mean “has good ideas that they took too far;” I mean VILLAINS. I’m talking about full throated evil laughs, capes and pauldrons, and haunted swords. I’m talking about evil lairs filled with dungeons and spires and rivers of lava. I’m talking about plans to blow up the sun or carve a face into the surface of the moon. Evil can be extremely fun when it’s more exulting and less realistic, and video games have done quite well at delivering that kind of grandiosity.

Here are just a few of mine! There’s Bowser, of course. Ganondorf—especially when there’s a scene of him backed by a giant fire. Flowey the Flower. M. Bison. The LOATHSOME DUNG EATER. Porky Minch. Sephiroth. Seath the Scaleless. Okeer, the krogan warlord from Mass Effect 2 who dies really soon. King Knight. Your boy, Guzma, and Lusamine, too. Magus. Basically half the targets in any Hitman game. Andrew Ryan, Mr. House (even if he’s far from the most evil person in New Vegas), and any other Howard Hughes riff played by a Deep Space Nine actor. Manfred von Karma. Albert Wesker. Basically, if you wished you loved anything as much as they love being evil, I wanna read what you have to say about them.

Oh! And please talk about what you played this weekend! I have three games to talk about!