CRUNCH!!! Sunday Food Thread 7/10

My cousin and her family recently stayed with us for a couple of weeks. She has two pre-teen boys who were a total joy to have around, it’s been a long time since we’ve had kids that age in the house. They left a few things behind, one of them being about half a box of Cap’n Crunch.I haven’t eaten Cap’n Crunch in maybe 15-20 years. Of course I had to eat some of that!

First impression: It looks and smells like I remember it. Even kind of brings me back to the dining hall at my freshman year dorm, breakfast was the most reliable meal there and they always had a good selection of dry cereals.

First bite: Whoa, this is crunchy! Not so much in the ‘scrape the roof of your mouth’ way I recall but more like “I can’t hear a damn thing other than this super loud noise in my mouth!” It even drowned out the sound of the landscapers next door using the leaf blowers.

Taste: It really tastes exactly like my memory of it. I’m kind of surprised as it’s rare that I revisit something from my childhood where the taste matches my memory of it. I’m not sure if it’s due to the product changing up its recipe or my tastes changing and memories being fuzzy. I’m pleasantly surprised!

Verdict: It holds up for sure. Will I finish the box? Yes. Will I buy another box any time soon? No. I can wait until there’s youngsters in the house again before there’s another box of Cap’n Crunch at hand.
However I do remember loving Apple Jacks. Is my curiosity piqued enough for me to go out and buy that one…