The 7/6 Day Thread Remembers Joy

Lately a lot of garbage going on in the world has been depressing me. I suspect it’s been depressing most of us. And we fight to make things better, but sometimes it’s a lot, and I start to feel helpless and negative. So I made a decision the other day to keep a notebook. I call it The Joy Notebook. In it, I write down all the things, big and little, that make me happy. This helps me remember that not everything in life is horrible.

I’m not trying to sound like I don’t know that a lot of bad shit is happening. But sometimes, you need to pick yourself up, or you can’t fight against evil effectively. So I’m going to keep writing in my Joy Notebook.

Here’s some of the things I’ve written already:

Get Back is coming out in a couple of weeks, and once I own it I can watch any time I want.

My dog has all his sutures out from his surgery and is eating better, playing more, panting less, and is much happier.

I finally saw Drive My Car, and it’s an excellent film with a lot to say about coping with death and the faults in those whom you love.

I recognized a lot of the Japanese in the above film, which enhanced my enjoyment.1

We got our refund check back from the state in which I live, and it’s a nice one.

Sales of electric cars are rising rapidly. So is the use of energy which is not derived from fossil fuels. This is according to Spectrum magazine, an engineering magazine which has no political axes to grind.

My spouse and I filled out our ballots for the state primaries. Lots of women and POCs running.

I’m treating myself to a piece of key lime pie from a great restaurant this week, because sometimes you just have to say, ”Fuck the calories.”

What would you write in your Joy Notebook? Keep the lights burning, Avocados!