Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Jul. 5

Please welcome today’s contestants:

  • Jake, a banking analyst, was in a college game show sketch;
  • Suzy, an elementary school teacher, dreamt of being an opera singer; and
  • Yungsheng, a public defender, learned a little Chinese from mahjong. Yungsheng is a one-day champ with winnings of $22,800.


IT HAPPENED IN JULY // A NUMBER BETWEEN 1 & 100 // ANIMAL SOUNDS? // A NOVEL DEATH // THE III // STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH “Q” (each response has a “Q” exactly in the middle.)

DD1 – $600 – A NUMBER BETWEEN 1 & 100 – Your standard phonograph record until the 1950s, or the age Diana Ross turned in 2022 (Jake lost $2,400 on a true DD.)

Scores going into DJ: Yungsheng $6,400, Suzy $1,000, Jake $2,200.

Double Jeopardy!


DD2 – $2,000 – A DIP IN THE BAY – The Sunshine Skyway Bridge crosses this body of water, sheltered in part from the Gulf of Mexico by the Pinellas Peninsula (Jake added $3,500 to his total of $5,800 vs. $4,400 for Yungsheng.)

DD3 – $2,000 – 19th CENTURY TECHNOLOGY – Friedrich Koenig’s improvements to this machine, not much changed since the 1450s, included self-inking (Yungsheng added $3,000 to his score of $8,800 vs. $9,300 for Jake.)

Yungsheng took the lead from Jake on DD3 and never gave it back, heading into FJ on top at $15,800 vs. $12,500 for Jake and $4,600 for Suzy.

Final Jeopardy!

NATIONAL HISTORIC SITES – Less than 100 yards north of the J. Edgar Hoover Building is this notorious location

For the second straight game only Yungsheng was correct on FJ, adding $9,201 to win with $25,001 for a two-day total of $47,801.

Odds and ends

Triple Stumpers of the day: In TOOL WORDS AND PHRASES, no one knew to twist, or slang for a prison guard is screw, or to sculpt, or to swindle someone is chisel.

Pedantry corner: For a clue looking for the title of a Fox drama, they accepted “90210”, but that’s the title of the version that appeared on CW. However, the Fox version “Beverly Hills, 90210” was informally known by just the zip code.

One more thing: Jake’s incorrect response to DD1 was “90”, which is the second time in just a few months that the age of Diana Ross was highly overestimated. In March, two players responded with Ross to a FJ clue about a 95-year-old singer (Tony Bennett).

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is 78? DD2 – What is Tampa Bay? DD3 – What is the printing press? FJ – What is Ford’s Theater?