Force of July Day Thread

The Force of July was a team of superhumans created by a dubious government agency, their only real purpose seemed to be fighting Batman’s Outsiders.

Their first appearance in Batman and the Outsiders Annual

The Outsiders/Infinity Inc Special crossover
B Eric Blairman and Abraham Lincoln Carlyle. The two Rightwing politicians with world domination ambitions who commanded the Force of July.
The Force getting their orders from Blairman

When their then-leader Abraham Lincoln Carlyle got involved in the Janus Directive conspiracy, the Force fought the Suicide Squad, which went about as well for them as you’d expect.

The only survivor, Major Victory, stayed on the Squad until dying on a mission to capture Eclipso in the 90s.

Major Victory on the team to hunt Eclipso. From Eclipso #11-14, one of the worst DC comics I’ve ever read.

The team & characters’ names were used by a few other government organizations in DC Comics in 90s Green Arrow and 2000s Freedom Fighters.