The Weekend Politics Thread Expands Its Vocabulary

She left me for Jesus
And that just ain’t fair
She says that he’s perfect.
How could I compare?
She says I should find him
And I’ll know peace at last
But if I ever find Jesus
I’m kickin’ his ass

— This Fourth of July, act unlike SCOTUS. Choose a whiskey bottle over Jesus. Not forever. Just for now.

Emerging from two weeks of six radical right rightwing U.S. Supreme Court justices treating bedrock principles of the American experiment in secular multiracial participatory democracy and no-caps republican governance like the crotch test dummy at a steel toe boot factory leaves your dismayed Weekend Politics Thread host with a single thought. Namely:1

chara (חרא)Skit
クソ (kuso)மலம்
quav devлайно
na naگندگی
kotoranChết tiệt

Seriously, who put sluicing down the Praiseland log flume and drenching ourselves in theocratic fascism on the summer vacation itinerary? We know.

But do we understand how to respond? Do we retain the capacity to unmake the mess made by tearing down the wall separating church and state, forcing pregnant people to carry fetuses against their will and at risk to their own lives, and hamstringing government agencies?

Apodictic and abecedarian answers to those question have yet to reveal themselves. Each Politicado with a helpful strategy and tactic should share it below. Uvular has no business dictating solutions. He will, however, gladly put his shoulder to the wheel of progress toward the future liberals want.