Chill in the Weekly Games Thread with Some Beachside Tunes

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s time for the Weekly Video Games Thread!

You know what? I freaking love music prompts! I love ’em! I don’t do them too often lest the process get rote—perhaps once a season?—but it’s fun to just spend a couple hours in one night perusing all sorts of game soundtracks. So it’s summer, and summer always seems to mean sun, sand, and soft beaches in games. So, the prompt: your favorite beach music, beach-adjacent music, or game music that’s evocative of summer. After all, there are plenty of summer settings outside of just a beach; the words “Mario” and “Sunshine” certainly come to mind there. So really go crazy. Whatever makes you think “summer” and “seaside.”

As I am oft want to do, I’ve compiled my own list of songs and placed them inside a safe tag, like a basket of yummy foods and helpful suntan lotion.

Here’s my list of mostly beach and some summer songs! Maybe we both chose the same one!

Perhaps there wasn’t as much material in this prompt as I had hope. But hey! It’s every season somewhere, so whether or not you want to talk about summer-themed music, talk about whatever weekend playing you enjoyed!