Decide Our 4th Of July Menu Sunday Food Thread 6/26

We have guests from out of town. Out of the country in fact, my aunt and cousins are in from France for the holiday and my wife and I are planning to do a cookout. We just had a discussion as to whether or not I should cook a meatloaf on the grill. She’s anti, her point is that it’s not traditional 4th cookout fare. Burgers/brats/chicken/ribs are the traditional items, while I don’t have anything against that my stomach is calling for a meatloaf. I see no reason why a meatloaf can’t become a tradition but she doesn’t think that way. My cousin has two boys, 8 & 10 years old. On the one hand I think they’d really enjoy a grilled meatloaf (I’ve seen them eat and it’s in their wheelhouse for sure). On the other hand maybe they should experience a standard issue 4th of July cookout. What say you, Avocado?