The Batman & Robin Handheld Game Day Thread Features a Bat-Joystick

25 years ago today, Batman & Robin opened in theaters. As the sequel to the highly successful Batman Forever from two years earlier, it unsurprisingly had a ton of merchandise, including a Tiger Electronics handheld game. By this time, however, Tiger was trying to keep their LCD products novel by coming up with new features for them, resulting in the game for the George Clooney Bat-caper to be fucking huge. It also had a Bat-Joystick, which was essentially an action figure you could attach to the gamepad, and who knows if it actually worked or if it just fell off.

Do you LIKE it, LOVE it, or GOTTA HAVE IT?!?!

Just like the Batman Returns game I featured the other day, this one also had a commercial, only this time the boy playing it isn’t “playing it hard” so much as he’s playing it…well, 90s. I love the way he just seems to randomly be pushing buttons with a huge grin on his face as he drops one-liners that would make even Mr. Freeze groan (okay, maybe not, Mr. Freeze would probably actually nod his head in approval) in a surfer dude voice that can only be described as…well, 90s.

Sadly I didn’t have this game as a kid, nor did I go to Batman & Robin in theaters, which is kind of a shame, as it’s easily the least violent Batman film of that era and my parents may have actually been fine with me going (also, c’mon, I was almost ten at the time). The game itself sells for an insane price on eBay if you want it in mint condition, so for now I can only dream about what it’s like to play with that Bat-Joystick. What I do have from eBay is a similar handheld game from 1999 for The Phantom Menace with a Darth Maul-Joystick, in which you get to kill Qui-Gon Jinn. But that’s a subject for another OT.

Have a Bat-tastic day, Avocados! Also, you’re getting more Batman & Robin tonight. Sorry not sorry.