30 Day Wild Card Challenge Day 18: Talking Toys

We’re changing things up for the month of June by doing a “wild card” approach where there is no theme other than my own whims. Every day can shift gears, wildly, from one topic to the next!

Today, let’s talk about vacations and toys! These shiny objects have changed a lot over the years, from kids growing up with just blocks of wood (which I had a ton of fun with!) to all kinds of elaborate electronic thingamajigs! Today, we want to know what some of your favorite toys were growing up, what was the most memorable that you would play with, and anything else such as whether you still have some of them or were they lost to the years.

Bonus: Are there things that are considered kids toys that you still engage with as an adult?

Extra Bonus: What’s the weirdest toy you’ve ever seen?